Some of the many key features include

Membership Management

Manage your members financial status and renewal history.

Boat Safety

Manage boat registrations and record information on safety equipment.

Point Score

Enter the details of each tag or capture and ItsFishing will calculate points based on your clubs point score rules.

Trophy Management

Easily up your trophy list.  See current standings throughout the season.


Quickly add anglers and boats to your tournament if they use ItsFishing.

Comprehensive Reports List

ItsFishing has many reports so you can find the stats you need.

ItsFishing Mobile App

Our mobile app is a tool for members to stay up to date with the latest trophy standings, point score club records and more.

Where clubs permit, members can also renew their memberships and boats via the app as well as update their personal information.

ItsFishing Mobile will be available for season 2020/21 and will be free!